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You can now promote your products without any CASH and reach up to 800,000 social profiles?

Believe It! – You can now take advantage of our Product for Publicity (P4) opportunity.

All you need to do is:

  • Select your product you want to push.
  • Email us at to express interest
  • We will recommend an equal amount of Publicity Value
  • Once agreed, we will take delivery of your product for user experience
  • We set the campaign timeline and GO LIVE!
  • A campaign report will be then prepared for you to show you engagements and Click Through Ratios for conversions on your site




  1. We promote your selected products on our 8 social assets (up to 800,000 followers) in return for devices to be used and impliedly promoted as well on owned social media assets

  2. For example, all you have to do is provide us a device/product – e.g. a laptop – with a price promo image/creative already available from your Marketing team – with a link to purchase it from your preferred online store

  3. We will then give you EQUAL value of publicity to your recommended retail price of your laptop

  4. This promotes peer to peer advisory- which is more effective in terms of delivering and highlighting your brand & product experience to selected audiences in Malaysia primarily

Terms & Conditions

  1. Agreement to barter your products for publicity on our platforms will be formalised via email;
  2. We would require a documented approval from your Organisation- with a Delivery Order to confirm the purpose and acceptance of your product in exchange for publicity on our platforms;
  3. Zookeeper Media (ZM) shall have the discretion on which platform your promotions will be placed on;
  4. The Product Partner shall be informed of the publicity timelines by ZM and both entities shall agree to the finalised timelines, content, captions, images or videos to be used;
  5. All images, content or videos shall be provided by the Product Partner;
  6. Captions and Facebook related Advertising will be done by ZM;
  7. ZM will not be held liable for any content, images or videos (provided by Product Partner) that may be subject to any form of copyright infringement;
  8. The product placed under this agreement shall be rightly owned by ZM.