About Us

Our History

Zookeeper Media was a company conceptualised back in 2013 in Malaysia and Cambodia. Our digital agency aspirations saw our first work for our related businesses in Phnom Penh, focusing on the cinematic industry across Cambodia.

In late 2018, we built new product verticals for the Malaysian market to tap selective clients in the Online space. These strategies saw our social media management and our website development service demand grow to having double digit clients.

For 2020, despite the unprecedented challenges at hand and on back of stronger pivot by businesses to go online – Zookeeper Media was further able to market our services and garner Clients across various industries.

Our clients range from Home and Office Renovation business to Food and Beverage, Education, Corporate Training to Regional based IT Solutions providers and more.


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About Us

We are a bespoke Digital Agency, result driven, to take your business on a Digital Journey while sustaining the trajectory of growth needed towards its desired destination. Simply put, we drive your Online presence in line with your business goals.

We don’t deliver numbers alone or merely tick the task box. We deliver practical solutions for your Online presence, that will address your needs in the most simplified manner. We guide, nurture, observe, manage, and enrich your business environment online – just like a Zookeeper would – in caring for the animals at a Zoo.

Why Us ?

When you want solutions or ideas or help for your Facebook or Website or any other form of Ancillary services that we offer, we focus on what matters and what works best- that is suitable for your business. We don’t indulge in story telling but rather show you the results. We systematically guide you on the plan ahead – simply because – we effectively live up to Begin everything with the End in mind.